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Higher Trenant, Wadebridge, Cornwall

PL27 6HB

Telephone - 01208 813258

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Farm Services

The practice caters for both large and small farms and a variety of farm animal species.

We are able to offer a wide variety of services from routine vaccinations and herd health planning to official veterinarian work on behalf of DEFRA, to advice on fertility treatment, lameness and infectious disease control.


Medical and surgical treatment of individual animals can be carried out and our on call veterinary surgeon is available to deal with emergencies 24/7.

Farm animal health forecasts

Follow the link below for free farm animl health webinars and monthly parasite forecasts to assist you to tailor your livestock preventative healthcare plan.

Backyard hens

- Thinking of buying some chickens?


- Would you like to know more about caring for your existing hens?


Nicky Hallows is our resident chicken vet and she has put together a booklet of handy tips and things to consider, that will be useful for those wondering about buying some chickens and also those who already have some backyard hens. This can be downloaded below.


If you have any chicken queries do call in and speak to Nicky and she will be more than happy to help.

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Services Provided


Routine beef and dairy fertility work


•Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as needed visits with rectal ultrasound for the diagnosis of pregnancy and reasons for infertility.


Pregnancy diagnosis with  ultrasound


•Pregnancy can be confirmed down to 30 days post service.


Emergency call outs – 24 hour service


Individual sick animal treatment


•Physical examination and treatment of animals on farm and at the surgery. In house or next day laboratory testing is available if needed.


Routine and non-routine surgery – in house and on farm


•On farm surgeries such as caesarean section or displaced abomasum surgery are routinely performed.

•Ram vasectomies at the surgery.

•Calf hernia repair on farm or surgery.

•Digit amputation.

•Eye enucleation.


Herd/Flock health plans and reviews (in line with farm assurance requirements)


•We will spend time tailor making a health plan for your farm that will fit farm assurance requirements and be a working document to improve the health and profitability of your farm.


Mastitis Investigations


We can work with your milk recording data, milk culture results and  perform on farm investigations to get to the bottom of your cell count and mastitis problems


Record analysis with Herd Companion +


•Analysis of monthly milk recording data from NMR. We can monitor your progress with mastitis, cell counts and fertility.

•Advice following  Johnes monitoring.



TB testing

•As a subcontractor for XL Farmcare we can continue to  undertake routine tuberculosis testing and also private TB testing as needed.


TB Testing Information Post Mortem Information Johnes Disease

Follow the links below to read up to date guidence put together by our team on important farm matters


‘At Nutes we are right behind the national BVDFree scheme launched on 01/01/2016. If you want more information then follow the link www.bvdfree.org.uk and/or contact the surgery.’