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Higher Trenant, Wadebridge, Cornwall

PL27 6HB

Telephone - 01208 813258

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Pet services

Our team of highly trained, competent and caring veterinary surgeons offers consultations as a first stage health check and as a starting point for any treatment that may be necessary.


Wherever possible we will try to ensure you see the same vet throughout your pet’s treatment thus ensuring continuity of care.


Consultations take place in our well equipped, purpose built consulting rooms with access to complete computerised records but can also be carried out as home visits should transport be a problem.


We stock a wide variety of veterinary-only foods that are designed to work alongside medications to improve your pet's recovery time or quality of life.


Our nurses offer free clinics to work with you on the use of these diets and we are happy to advise you on the feeding of all pets in sickness and in health.

Clinical consultations

Nutritional advice


Pet Travel services

Our parent company CVS have formed a partnership with Pet Air for anyone wishing to fly their pet abroad. follow the links below for more information about this service

The Pet Air service How to measure your pet for a crate Latest pet news and information Pet Insurance advice

Our vets offer the complete service required to obtain a pet passport in order to travel with your pet abroad, without the need for quarantine. This involves microchipping, vaccinations, blood testing and parasite control.

Requirements do vary between destination countries so please contact the surgery for further information.

For advice on many aspects of pet care from vaccinating your new puppy to coping with berevement follow the link below to the Animal Welfare Foundation.

Pet care advice from the AWF logo

The practice offers acupuncture as appointment only sessions run by our vet Nicky Hallows, who is qualified to perform acupuncture on animal patients.

We are one of the few veterinary practices in the Westcountry to offer this service. It can be used on its own or alongside conventional treatment and is commonly used for arthritis and other painful conditions.


We recommend the microchipping of all pets, so that they may be returned home in the event of straying or theft.

The procedure involves inserting a microchip around the size of a grain of rice between the shoulder blades, which contains a unique identification number. The number can be scanned and will stay with the animal throughout its life.


We offer vaccination of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and farm livestock against a variety of serious and potentially fatal diseases.

In young animals (puppies, kittens, baby rabbits and foals) or animals that have not received vaccination previously it will be necessary to begin a course of 2-3 injections to provide immunity. “Booster” vaccinations are then advised to maintain this immunity.


We advise neutering of all animals not intended for breeding purposes, as it acts as prevention against unwanted litters and can prevent illness through disorders of the reproductive organs.

As practice policy cats are spayed or castrated from 5 months of age. Dogs may be castrated from 6 months and bitches at 6 - 8 months or three months after a season. Do ring the surgery if you wish to discuss this further.


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