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Higher Trenant, Wadebridge, Cornwall

PL27 6HB

Telephone - 01208 813258

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Veterinary Nurse Consultations

Puppy & kitten clinics

Every new puppy and kitten is invited to attend. Its a great way to learn about your new pet's healthcare requirements and what to expect!


Youth Clinic

Puppies are invited back to the surgery at monthly intervals until 6 months old. After that we see them at 9 months and lastly at 1yr old. We chart their growth, ensure regular worming and flea treatments are not forgotton and answer any queries. It's a lovely clinic to build up our relationship wit you and your dog as it grown so they learn that a visit to the surgery can be a nice experience!

Post Neutering Clinic

Very often we find that dogs can put on weight very easily and quickly after being spayed or castrated. Obesity is on the increase not only in people but pets too! Our nurses invite all dogs that were neutered 3 months ago to be weighed and if required they will guide you through any dietary changes required.


10:30am - 11:30am and 2:45pm - 4:00pm

By Appointment only - Call us to book.

Post Dental Clinic

As cats and dogs can not brush their own teeth unless we do this for them plaque accumulates easily and forms thick hard tarter which massively increases the bacterial load in the mouth. There are many strategies you can use to prevent this especially after a dental procedure when your pet is starting with a clean slate. Let our nurses help you find the best approach for you and your pet.

Our Nurses can also.....


- Take blood samples

- Remove stitches

- Redress wounds

- Remove Ticks

- Give third vaccines for puppies

- Give tablets and other medications you might find difficult

- Offer feeding advice

- Clip Claws

- Offer Parasite control advice

- Post operative checks

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Weight Management Clinic

Many dogs and cats are becoming overweight and we would like to invite you for a weigh in to check if your pet is carrying too many pounds. Obesity can put extra stress on joints and can cause problems with your pets overall general health. Our nurses can help and discuss all possible options with you and support you both during a weight loss program.

Well Pet Clinic

Once your pet reaches 8 years old it is classed as geriatric and as our pets age, problems can arise and early decection often is a great aid in the supportive care and lovgevity of your elderly pet. These clinics offer advice and guidance on how to support your pet in their golden years.

Mobility Clinic

If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis they may be on medication to help reduce the painin the inflamed joint but supplements and supportive care along with environmental modifications can make a big difference to their quality of life and in some cases reduce the doses of medications required. We talk theough all the options to give your creaky pet a more mobile life!

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Rabbit Clinic

We also do clinics for rabbits, advice available on all aspects of caring for your rabbit including feeding, housing, vaccinating and general care. These clinics are very beneficail in helping you discover what's best for your rabbit.


See our dedicated weight managment page by clicking here